GOD’s thoughts are higher than ours
God’s emphasis is on the spiritual,
But man’s concern is material and corporal;
GOD, in saying to the blind man or the lame 
“Your sins are forgiven” when healing them,
Shows that spiritual cleansing makes us whole,
And physical healing results!
CHRIST goes to the root of all diseases,
Not only the apparent symptoms; 
God is not so much concerned about the physical, 
But more about spiritual and moral blindness!
Learn from ME
I am meek and humble!
When omnipotent GOD 
Chooses to serve rather than be served,
Chooses to sacrifice HIS HOLY LIFE
By dying for our sins,
Chooses rejection to give us Salvation,
CHRIST illustrates that GOD is LOVE and COMPASSION,
When HE could very well be the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE!