GODís Unfailing Love 
We crave for unfailing love 
Only our LORD GOD can satisfy!
Mankind is bound by limitations;
We can be fickle, selfish, irresponsible,
Only JESUS is immutable, self-sacrificing, infallible, 
And HIS love unconditional;
Our LORD GOD is completely trustworthy,
Totally just, righteous and holy!
Only HE can satisfy this deep longing for love, which is only possible
When we have a relationship with HIM,
When we surrender our life to HIM!
Loving our LORD GOD means obeying HIS commandments,
To love GOD with all our heart.
And loving and forgiving each other!
It means trusting HIM enough to let HIM lead,
It means letting HIM guide and admonish at will,
Believing in HIS PROMISES to work all things for our good;
And desiring that peace and crown of eternal life,
Only HE can give!
Our LORD GOD is faithful to forgive every sin,
When we repent and turn from the wrong way;
HIS unfailing LOVE will seek out every stray sheep;
HE will bind our wounds, cover us with His precious blood,
Shed for our transgressions on the CROSS of Calvary!
Our Almighty triune GOD promises to be our Defender and Shield,
Against all power of evil, 
Our Refuge in every storm of life!
This is what Unfailing Love means to us,
It is GODís eternal Compassion sustaining us,
Loving, forgiving and helping us in all circumstances! 
It is when we sense HIS comforting, strengthening presence,
In moments of loneliness or sadness,
That we experience HIS unfailing love!
It is when we call and HE responds that we feel HIS closeness!
And we feel our preciousness!
When we feel the touch of His Unfailing Love!
His LOVE never ceases, it is renewed every morning,
ĎDO not be afraid,í we hear HIM exhorting, 
When you pass through treacherous waters,
It will not be overwhelming!
When you go through the furnace of affliction,
You will not be harmed!
Our GOD will be in charge as the Sovereign LORD!
Our Lord and God is our first true love,
Without having first received HIS caring love,
We will never be able to love!
HE is our source of life, HE is our spiritual vine,
He wants us to live more abundantly as HIS branches!
HE wants to heap on us all the joy
That only a Loving Saviour can impart,
But we can only receive it 
Through Faith and a loyal heart!