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    Going Godís Way


When the human ego shouts íMy Way!Ē

It becomes difficult, if not impossible

To listen and go Godís Way!

Has the world not taught us

To steer our  life in the path of success?

Has not the world displayed

The material benefits of prosperity?

The luxury of opulent, decadent living,

The seductiveness of power and status?


The insidious influence of the world

Wraps itself around us,

Until morally blinded,

We covet their tantalising goals

To discover discontent, unfulfilled dreams!

To find in the endless pursuit of pleasure,

Nausea, heart- ache, futility!


The gentle voice of God, within, nudges

 I am your refuge and fortress,

 Let ME be your guide in this wilderness!


Wisdom is seeing things from Godís perspective

With insight, we find ourselves inept

To be the captain of our soul,

Human nature is weak and vulnerable

Often unable to withstand the vicious assault

To peace of mind and serenity of heart.

We realise going Godís  way is best

In achieving the real success

Of having a happy, loving, peaceful

Contented and meaningful life!


Let us not, in the midst of the hectic bustle of worldly life 

Ever forget that man does not live by bread alone,

But from every word that comes from the mouth of God.


                              Shirley Lau


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