Why do we think happiness is elusive
When we are not looking in the right direction?
Why do we pursue the tangible, the material,
And then complain about our dissatisfaction?
Try to capture happiness in a song
Listen to the merry chirping of birds taking wing!
Gaze enraptured at the mellow bright hues of the sun,
Slowly down the horizon, dipping! 
Lie happily on the green grass, away from crowds, 
Watch the white clouds sailing by, like wisps of fleecy wool,
Reflected in the gentle rippling water of the lake! 
Fanned by a light breeze, ever so serene and cool; 
Breathe in this wholesome joy, this happiness only GOD can make!
Bask in Nature’s joy, make it our own
Exult in its spontaneity; let all our problems flee, 
Remember God made the natural environment for our pleasure,
Therefore frolic like children on a spree!
Come on, seize the day, capture the joy,
Be truly happy, boy o’boy!
Happiness is within, not without!
Fill ourselves with trust in God’s abundant grace,
Have an attitude of gratitude throughout;
Praise the Lord, we will always have a place,
In HIS loving, compassionate heart;
We will attain His blessings
For happiness, if we truly do our part!