Harden not our heart
Harden not our heart
Do not inflict on ourselves such grievous injury!
Like plaques that damage and clog our artery,
Plaques of the Spirit destroy our capacity to love GOD,
Debilitates our will to serve HIM,
Embitters our relationship with our fellowmen,
Renders us completely vulnerable to evil temptations,
And distance us from every good and positive influence, 
That makes life truly meaningful and joyous!
Harden not our heart,
Do not make it impervious to
The gentle stirrings of compassion,
The sweet murmurings of affection,
The warmth of loving kindness,
The wonderful outpouring of joyfulness,
All, all freely given by our Loving, Holy LORD!
Joy can only be received by a responsive,
Lovingly sensitive and considerate heart.
Let not plaques of envy, hate, resentment,
Fear or anger torment; 
Let not pride and self-centeredness isolate,
Let not lusts of the flesh desecrate;
Instead, let understanding and compassion flourish un-abate!
Do not congeal our heart but soften it with forgiveness,
Turn all our hurt and pain to the LORD,
Who has forgiven all our trespasses;
Repent, humble and soften our heart,
Then we will find Almighty GOD HIMSELF
Taking residence in our undeserving heart!