Have you met this LOVING FRIEND?
Have you met a friend so good and true
HE will lay down HIS LIFE for you?
You may be sinful and imperfect,
Still your FRIEND, so perfect,
Will say: I love you!
You may sometimes cause HIM pain,
But as long as you repent and refrain,
HE will respond I forgive you, Go in peace,
Dont do that again!
You dont need an appointment to see HIM,
HE is only a thought, a prayer away!
If you seek me with all your heart
You will find ME, come what may!
All life through Ive been searching
Who takes my breath away
With PROMISES so loving!
How can I ever resist a love so true:
I will never forsake you
I will never abandon you
Oh Lord, I love you too!
In this self-centred, insecure world,
This promise of an everlasting LOVE,
From our powerful RESSURECTED Redeemer
Is much too rare and precious to lose;
Knowing that whatever HE promises, 
HE will deliver!
This LOVING FRIEND dwells within your heart!
Look inward into your soul,
Enter through fervent, centering prayer,
The inner holy sanctuary of your heart,
To reverently seek HIS Almighty PRESENCE,
For the kingdom of GOD is within you!
Remember JESUS humbly offers: I stand at the door, I knock;
Will you let your LOVING FRIEND in?
Will you maintain a clean and contrite heart,
To welcome and cherish your LOVING Saviour,
So HE can make HIS abode in you?
O JESUS CHRIST, so mighty and true,
Is there anything I can do without you!
Everything good in me, renew,
I love to depend on you,
The JOY and strength of my life is YOU!