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Christís determination

To fulfil his mission,  

To be the propitiation of all mankindís sins

Made HIM go to Jerusalem for the Passover,

Knowing what awaited HIM there;

So, it was not death on the cross that he feared

For in the BIBLE, HIS testimony stated on record

HE lay down HIS life of His own accord

And would take it up again on the third day.


The cup of sorrow He asked to be lifted

But only if it was GODís will,

Was that horrendous moment of despair

When Almighty GODís just wrath against Manís sinfulness

Found its target on JESUS our SUBSTITUTE,

Covered with all the sins of mankind;


It was this dark depression of the soul

That made HIM cry out ĒFather, why have You forsaken me?

It was knowing HIS HEAVENLY FATHERís

Repugnance against sin and HIS own sensitivity

To the grievousness of sin,

That made him, in anticipation, sweat big drops of blood

In the Garden of Gethsamane.


The CROSS is the testimony of GODís immense love for us

For He made HIS own Beloved SON bear our sins,

And be punished, not only by a cruel death

On the  Cross

Also by our HOLY GODís great wrath against SIN itself.

All symbolised by the darkness that came over the land

And that piteous cry of our LOVING LORD

Suffering on our behalf, the excruciating pain

Of a momentís separation from HIS HEAVENLY FATHER.


Then came the most loving words from JESUS on the CROSS

ĎFather, forgive them, for they know not what they doí

Who but our LORD, JESUS CHRIST would continue loving

Sinners, though we cause HIM so much pain by sinning.


                           Shirley Lau 


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