HIS Omniscient LIGHT, like a towering beacon, 
Penetrates the darkness of our sinning heart!
Turning murky darkness into brilliant day,
Salvation for all souls who come HIS WAY!
HIS LIGHT reveals the horror
Of the putrid mess of worldliness! 
Of infectious wounds of lust, pride, greed, envy, hate
Of filthy rags of gloating success!
Only HIS LIGHT can the darkness erase!
Only HIS Divine COMPASSION can save!
HIS LIGHT is our beacon of HOPE
To be re-born again!
To be renewed in spirit; 
To be directed to the truth,
To be set on the path to eternal life!
HIS LIGHT warns of the danger
Of continuing in sins of ingratitude,
Of being dashed headlong into perdition!
HIS LIGHT provides the GRACE
For healing, for transformation;
For reconciliation with JEHOVAH
Almighty GOD and JESUS, our REDEEMER KING! 
Let HIS LIGHT lead us
To a gentler, humbler way of life
A life of love, joy and peace,
Only possible when we heed HIS LIGHT!
Accept GODíS guidance through HIS HOLY SPIRIT!
WHO dwells in our soul,
WHO will guide us towards
Revering and loving GOD,
And blessing and helping
Our fellow-men!