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Holy Spirit


     Holy Spirit, in-dwelling man      

     Enabling him to do the best he can;

     Counselling him to seek Godís will, when in doubt

     To understand what loving and serving God is all about.


     Godís Holy Spirit comforts man in pain

     Guides him in compassion, over and over again;

     Heals, prays and intercedes with joy

     Manís weaknesses to winnow and sift,

     The human soul to strengthen and uplift.


     Holy Spirit of Almighty God ,Alpha and Omega,

     Loving sinful man right from the start,

     Sent His only beloved Son, Jesus Christ,

     To redeem mankind and set us apart

     For eternal life with Him,

     The Holy Spirit embraces us with His compassionate heart.


                                   Shirley Lau


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