Holy Spirit lay Your Hands on me
HOLY Spirit of God, lay Your hands on me, and like Living Water
Pour out continually your loving grace and power!
Suffused with your radiant Glory, earthly things dim!
My mind becomes illumined with light,
In faith, I sense your Living Presence;
My heart bursts forth with ecstatic delight,
Singing songs of praise and love for my Lord!
A sweet calmness prevails; I rejoice in your nearness,
And in my closeness
All weariness flee as I take a little rest,
In the loving arms of my God, Iím blessed! 
Holy Spirit, ignite your fire in my soul,
Cleanse, pardon, make me whole!
Through your baptism, fortify and empower,
Your fruits to bear and to others, minister; 
In knowledge, the truth of salvation to impart,
That only through Christís compassionate heart
And His Resurrection power, there is
Enduring hope of life eternal!