Hope floats
Hope bubbles up to the surface of our heart,
It buoys and uplifts our spirit,
Hope does not depend on circumstance,
But on the loving-kindness of The Lord,
Which enables our spirit to skip and dance! 
Like on eagleís wings, we are borne up and up,
Riding the crest of each cloud, borne aloft;
Simply by faith in Lord JESUS, WHO on the cross, delivers
All men, by dying for their sins
And us enabling, 
To become children of GOD,
The source of hope is our Lord!
Hope lies in trusting in HIS Promises
Never to abandon us in time of difficulties and strife,
Always to be our fortress and refuge
For every storm in life! 
Our hope is secure for HE is faithful,
For itís An Almighty God and Saviour Who promises!
Being Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End
Everything is well entrusted to HIS Loving hands;
So Hope floats, our Hope in GOD irrepressibly buoys us,
Lifts us up on wings of love and joy!
Those who look to the LORD for deliverance,
From the power of evil and darkness realize now
Our Messiah has triumphed over all;
His victory over sin and death is the basis of our HOPE for eternal Joy!
Never to abandon us in time of difficulty and strife,
Always to be our refuge and fortress in every storm of life!