Hopefully the coming 6 months MRI result will be good!


10th MRI Results

I did my 10th MRI on 19/11/10 and saw the doctor on 29/11/19. The doctor mentioned that one tumor remained the same at 3.5 x 2 cm and another has increased slightly in size from 1.5 x 1 to 2 x 1.7 cm. But there are also multiples minor tumors. No new tumor was observed.

He decided to monitor the situation and proposed to do MRI in 6 months’ time.

I am happy with the MRI result in that there is no new tumor. Since I know recently that cancer cells crave and thrive on sugar, I have consciously avoided taking sugar and starchy carbohydrates. I wonder whether this no new tumor could be due to me eating according to My Flexible 80/20 Eating Rule? Wouldn’t it be interesting to experiment and observe what will happen to the cancer in 6 months’ time when I deliberately follow my 80/20 Eating Rule? Hopefully the 6 months MRI result will be good!


         Written on 30 November 2019


I lost 13.0 kg following My Flexible 80/20 Eating Rule

          I was over weight and obese with obvious belly fat for many years. I had Type 2 Diabetes.

I have been taking my full blood tests yearly for more than 30 years. The doctors’ focus was on my liver, thyroid and cholesterol although quite often my fasting glucose level was above the normal range of 3.0 – 6.0 mmol/L. Yet, no doctor has alerted me to test for diabetic until my cardiac doctor on 13/6/19 sent me for diabetic test on 21/8/19.

          On 28/8/19 the cardiac doctor said that I have been having Type 2 Diabetes for some time already as my 2 hours glucose drink result was 17.3 mmol/L. A person having a result that is above 11.1 mmol/L is considered diabetic.

         Since I did not want to take medicine, he sent me to see the diabetic and the dietician nurses on 4/9/19. My weight then was 73.2 kg and I started to eat less and according to the dietician planned diet.

         I began to research by listening and reading voraciously on what causes Type 2 Diabetes and the current cure for it.


On 17/10/19, I started to do intermittent fasting by not taking breakfast.  My weight then was 68.9 kg.

I wanted to burn the fat in my liver and belly and to lose weight further. I decide to go for intermittent fasting and started to do My Flexible 80/20 Eating Rule.

On 17/11/19 my weight came down to 62.0 kg.

          On 4/12/19 and in 3 months my weight has come down to 60.2 kg, A loss of 13.0 kg (28.6 lbs).

I use Accu-Chek to prick my finger for glucose level and LibreLink patch to monitor my glucose level continuously for 24 hours for 2 weeks every now and then. My average glucose level is now within the normal range of 4 – 10 mmol/L. My estimated HgA1c is 4.9 % (30 mmol/mol). I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes according to the glucose level tests!!!


I have proven to myself that I can lose weight and I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes now. Why I am able to sustain and keep up with my My Flexible 80/20 Eating Rule is because it is extremely simple. All I do is:


1. Avoid or minimize my intake on sugar (ie items 1 to 5 of my 80/20 Eating Rule). See the reason in Sugar and Health from YouTube   and

2. Consume a larger quantity of Fat. (ie item 6 of my 80/20 Eating Rule a LCHF Diet).


         I would recommend that anyone who is over weight, obese and with belly fat and who wants to lose weight to:


1.    Test for diabetes---just drink a sugary fluid and wait for 2 hours to do the blood glucose test.

2.    If he/she has Type 2 Diabetes then goes for intermittent fasting and follow My Flexible 80/20 Eating Rule.


He/she has everything to gain and noting to lose. So why not try and experiment?


Written on 4 December 2019