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                   Hypocrisy as defined by Jesus Christ


    The best explanation about love is found in the “love chapter” of the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13. And if you want to have a comprehensive understanding of what hypocrisy is all about, you can read it in the “hypocrisy chapters” from Matthew 21:17-23:39 in the Bible. But, unfortunately it is difficult to see how these Matthew chapters talk about hypocrisy.

Pastor Ed Miller has explained the “hypocrisy chapters” very succinctly in his audio sermons. You can also listen to his commentaries below. He has compiled and classified it as follows:


1.      Illustrations of hypocrisy ---Matthew 21:17-22

2.      Characteristic of hypocrisy---Matthew 21:28-22:14

3.      Chief evidence of hypocrisy---Matthew 22:15-46

4.      Subtle forms of hypocrisy  ---Matthew 23:1-39




   (Matthew 61) Chapter 21:17-22 - The Cursing of the Fig Tree    (download)


   (Matthew 62) Chapter 21:23-22:14 - The Essence of Hypocrisy    (download)


   (Matthew 63) Chapter 21:33-22:14 - Unreality Parables    (download)


   (Matthew 64) Chapter 22:15-46 - Three Dishonest Questions    (download)


   (Matthew 65) Chapter 23:1-14 - Hypocrisy    (download)


   (Matthew 66) Chapter 23:15-24 - Substituting Zeal and Pictures for Reality    (download)


   (Matthew 67) Chapter 23:25-39 - More Substitutes for Reality    (download)



You can download all the MP3 Audio Sermons of Pastor Ed Miller in his website into your computer and listen or burn them into CD for later easier listening by clicking on the download links.


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