In Silence 
In the ever increasing creschendo of a noisy world,
The sweet gentle voice of our LORD becomes muted!
Man seeks to distract himself in cacophony,
To escape from, the stress of urban reality,
But not find real peace!
Only in the silence of the mind, heart and soul,
Godís gentle voice can be heard
To those seeking HIM;
Soothing, counselling, prompting the weary soul,
To take rest under HIS mighty wings
And be strengthened for the hazardous journey!
It is through quiet contemplation
That one finds inspiration,
It is through quiet meditation
That one finds satisfying communication,
With the ONLY ONE that really matters,
The Holy GOD of the BIBLE!
Therefore, in silence, listen to what GOD says 
Listen to the Holy Spirit praying within you, and for you,
Only then can you join in the prayer of veneration 
And gratitude to Almighty GOD!
Be silent and shut out the ugly voices
Of slanderous gossip, of pettiness,
Of self-pity and foul-mouthed abusiveness;
Instill silence in your mind, calm your agitation,
Focus your thoughts on the loveliness of GODís creation;
Ponder over GODís loving kindness and forgiveness;
Dwell on all that is good, beautiful and ennobling;
And close the mind of all that is evil, ugly, and discouraging!
In the silence of the heart, feel with empathy, the needs
Of the poor, the sick and dying,
Remember to reach out in loving generosity;
In silence, pray for those who offend you,
Remember we receive Godís forgiveness when we forgive!