In Spiritual Conflict 
Do we by faith choose GODís way
Or by worldly flesh, choose Satanís way?
Are we fair-weather Christians? 
Or have we developed the Christian character
Of courage and resilience to all things evil!
Are we easily discomfited by Satanís lies and deception?
Do we cower before Satanís intimidation?
Or, do we hear and trust the sweet gentle voice of our LORD
Reminding us: ĒDo not be afraid, I am with you always!Ē
Do we really seek the truth, that will set us free,
The love that binds our wounds?
Do we choose to follow our LOVING SHEPHERD,
Or do we think we can rely on our own frail strength!
The WORD of GOD spells out every choice,
For it is in our choice that determines the outcome
And not circumstances!
Choose wisely therefore, to follow the HOLY RIGHTEOUS LORD!
Do not be seduced by the glitter of the material and temporal,
Choose what our Sovereign LORD 
And ultimate Judge of mankind makes possible -
Unity with the HOLY TRINITY,
Joy and Life eternal!