In the Storm 
GOD is the mysterious calm 
In the eye of the storm!
He can bid the unruly wind be still,
He can calm the turbulent waves,  
He can disperse the agitated dark clouds,
He can give peace to our frightened hearts!
Often, in the storm, we think He is absent,
But, in reality, He is always present!
He always does HIS part,
If we take heart;
Call on HIS promises, He will respond
HIS WORD, to us, is HIS loving bond!
Like a loving, caring Father,
He is, from us, no further 
Than a call in faith, to work His miraculous power!
HE calls us, like Peter, to walk on the water!
Promising to hold out HIS hand,
When we waver and falter!
In the storm, let our eyes focus on HIM!
Turn our eyes in HIS direction, 
Cast everything unto His care, 
For in the storms of life,
There is no better refuge and companion!