Wandering in the mire of confusion,
Tortured by doubts, uncertainty, contradictions,
Any soul, in such a time, is bogged down
By a sense of futility of life,
In the duration of its journey through the wilderness!
Trapped in the pit of temptation,
Vulnerable to its lure of pride, lust, greed, self-delusion;
Fed by human frailties of hate, anger, lack of self-control,
O LORD, where are we heading for?
Without You, our soul will plunge into the abyss of hell!
Come Lord Jesus, come,
Save us from a perdition worse than death!
Come, Lord Jesus, come
Pluck us from the mire and heath
Only YOU, dear Saviour, can rescue! 
And guide our soul
Out of the wilderness safely,
To find the security of your loving embrace,
And the peace, and joy of your Grace!