Iraq Wars 2003 and 1991


Regime Change in Iraq War 2003 


Leading To War - The Complete Film

Why Did the Iraq War Start? The Untold Story - Seymour Hersh - Reasons, Justification (2005)

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq war
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The Fight for Baghdad (Discovery Times, 2004)
Untold Story of the Iraq War ~ Commandos, Dirty Wars and Col James Steele
The Iraq War 1/3 : Regime Change ( Full Documentary 2013 )
The Iraq War 2/3 : After the Fall ( Full Documentary 2013 )
The Iraq War 3/3 : It's Hell, Mr President ( Full Documentary 2013 )

Iraq After the Americans

Roadtrip Iraq - Post war documentary

Desert Storm 1991 


Persian Gulf War : A Prelude | Images of a Conflict 1990-1991

Operation Desert Storm: "Winds of the Storm" 1993 US Air Force First Gulf War

Desert Storm: 100 Hours to Victory (documentary, 1991)
THE GROUND ASSAULT: DESERT STORM - Military/War/History (documentary)

Tank of Desert Storm - The Gulf War | History Channel Documentary
Heroes of Desert Storm - Full Movie War Action Lance August Angela Bassett
Gen. Schwarzkopf's Famed News Conference
General Schwarzkopf - A Lesson In Leadership.wmv
Operation Desert Storm - CNN Live News Coverage - Part 1
Operation Desert Storm - CNN Live News Coverage - Part 2


Documentary Ottoman Empire The War Machine - History Documentary