John MacArthur on the Gospel of Mark


Mark, the Restored Deserter (Mark 1:1)


The Herald of the New King (Mark 1:1-8)


The Significance of Jesus' Baptism (Mark 1:9-11)


Jesus' Strategy for Effective Ministry (Mark 1:12-20)


Cosmic Authority (Mark 1:21-28) John MacArthur


Kingdom Power (Mark 1:29-39) John MacArthur


Jesus Trades Places with a Leper (Mark 1:40-45) John MacArthur


Jesus' Authority to Forgive Sin (Mark 2:1-12) John MacArthur


The Scandal of Grace (Mark 2:13-17) John MacArthur


The Matchless Distinctiveness of the Gospel (Mark 2:18-22)


Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath, Part 1 (Mark 2:23-28)


Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath, Part 1 (Mark 3:1-6)


Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath, Part 2 (Mark 3:1-6)


Mark's Sweeping Summary of Jesus (Mark 3:7-12)


Twelve Ordinary Men (Mark 3:13-19)


The Unforgivable Sin (Mark 3:20-35)


Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? (Mark 3:20-35)


A Survey of the Soils (Mark 4:1-20)


A Diagnosis of the Soils, Part 1 (Mark 4:1-20)


A Diagnosis of the Soils, Part 2 (Mark 4:1-20)


How to Listen to the Lord (Mark 4:21-34)


Calming the Storm (Mark 4:35-41)


Dominating Powers, Part 1 (Mark 5:1-20)


Dominating Powers, Part 2 (Mark 5:1-20)


The Power and Pity of Jesus, Part 1 (Mark 5:21-34)


The Power and Pity of Jesus, Part 2 (Mark 5:35-43)


Amazing Unbelief (Mark 6:1-6)


Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Calling, Part 1 (Mark 6:6-9)


Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Calling, Part 2 (Mark 6:10-13; 30-32)


The Murder of the Greatest Prophet (Mark 6:14-29)


The Creator Provides (Mark 6:30-44)


Jesus Walks on Water (Mark 6:45-56)


Scripture-Twisting Tradition (Mark 7:1-13)


The Inside Story on Defilement (Mark 7:14-23)


Food from the Master's Table (Mark 7:24-30)


To Speak or Not to Speak (Mark 7:31-37)


Our Compassionate Provider (Mark 8:1-10)


Spiritual Blindness, Part 1 (Mark 8:11-21)


Jesus' Power over Blindness (Mark 8:22-26)


The Ultimate Good News/Bad News (Mark 8:27-33)


Losing Your Life to Save It (Mark 8:34-38)


Why You Should Be Ashamed (Mark 8:38-9:1)


The Unveiled Son (Mark 9:2-8)


When Does Elijah Come? - John MacArthur (Mark 9:9--13) [CC]


All Things Possible (Mark 9:14-29) John MacArthur


The Virtue of Being Last (Mark 9:30-41) John MacArthur


Radical Discipleship (Mark 9:42-50) John MacArthur


The Truth about Divorce, Part 1 (Mark 10:1-12) John MacArthur


The Truth About Divorce, Part 2 (Mark 10:1-12) John MacArthur


Why Jesus Blessed the Little Children (Mark 10:13-16) John MacArthur


The Blasphemy of the Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17-22) John MacArthur


God's Perspective on Spiritual Wealth (Mark 10:23-31) John MacArthur


A Preview of Messianic Suffering (Mark 10:32-34) John MacArthur


The Greatness of Being a Slave (Mark 10:35-45) John MacArthur


The Final Miracle of Mercy (Mark 10:46-52) John MacArthur


The False Coronation of the True King (Mark 11:1-11) John MacArthur


Nothing but Leaves (Mark 11:12-21) John MacArthur


The Necessities for Effective Prayer (Mark 11:22-25) John MacArthur


The Confrontation Over Authority (Mark 11:27-33) John MacArthur



The Pathology of a Religious Hypocrite (Mark 12:13-17) John MacArthur


Biblical Ignorance in High Places (Mark 12:18-27) John MacArthur


Loving God (Mark 12:28-34) John MacArthur


Son of David, Lord of All (Mark 12:35-37) John MacArthur


Religion and Its Victims (Mark 12:38-44) John MacArthur


The Grim Reality of the Last Days (Mark 13:1-13) John MacArthur


The Future Tribulation (Mark 13:14-23) John MacArthur


Coming in the Clouds (Mark 13:24-27) John MacArthur


The Final Generation, Part 1 (Mark 13:28-37) John MacArthur


The Final Generation, Part 2 (Mark 13:28-37) John MacArthur


Players in the Drama of the Cross, Part 1 (Mark 14:1-2) John MacArthur


Players in the Drama of the Cross, Part 2 (Mark 14:3-16) John MacArthur


The New Passover (Mark 14:17-26) John MacArthur


The Prophecy of Failure (Mark 14:27-31) John MacArthur


The Agony of the Cup (Mark 14:32-42)


Judas's Betrayal (Mark 14:43-52) John MacArthur


The Ultimate Miscarriage of Justice (Mark 14:53-65) John MacArthur


Peter's Denial: A Warning About Self-Confidence (Mark 14:66-72) John MacArthur


Pilate Before Jesus (Mark 15:1-15) John MacArthur


The Shameful Scorn of Jesus Christ (Mark 15:16-21) John MacArthur


Divine Mercy for the Blasphemers (Mark 15:22-32) John MacArthur


God Visits Calvary (Mark 15:33-41) John MacArthur


How God Buried His Son (Mark 15:42-47) John MacArthur


Amazement at the Empty Tomb (Mark 16:1-8) John MacArthur


Testimonies to the Resurrection (Mark 16:1-8) John MacArthur


The Fitting End to Mark's Gospel (Mark 16:9-20) John MacArthur


Confidence in God's Word, as It Is Written (Mark 16:1-8) John MacArthur