Just a closer walk with CHRIST 
Suffering brings us closer to our LORD GOD,
It is when we acknowledge our weakness and depend on HIS GREATNESS, 
That we experience HIS power working in us!
For when we are weak, we become strong!
HIS strength is perfected in our weakness!
In suffering, our ears are more attuned to HIS words of comfort,
‘Be not afraid, I am with you always!’
We lean not on our own understanding,
But to HIS wise counsel and promises inclining;
We more readily accept HIS HOLY WILL
For our lives, trusting that in all things,
Almighty GOD works for the good
Of those who love HIM!
CHRIST walks closely with those who love HIM,
HE extends HIS GRACE -
Love and strength for each new day! 
Patience, power of endurance to relay;
Our spirit of faith is continually renewed
Deepening our love and gratitude!
Christ is a faithful GOD
Like a father, He defends, shields and protects His children,
Like a mother, HE hides us under the shelter of HIS wings;
Like a shepherd, HE uses HIS rod and staff to chase away ravenous wolves!
As Almighty GOD sees CHRIST in us,
CHRIST makes possible our eternal resurrection!