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Just to take one step towards YOU, LORD


It is just one step

When we forget our-self

And consider another;

Just one step

When we reach further

To feel and console another in pain;

LORD, it is taking just one step YOUR WAY.


It is just one step

When we forgive the hurt

The wrongs done;

Just one step in fellowship

With YOU, our Messiah.

It is just taking one step towards loving,

Loving YOU through loving others.


Just one step in humility

To acknowledge our weaknesses

And repent our sinfulness;

Brings a deeper understanding of CALVARY;

Of a Righteous GODíS loving compassion

Sending HIS HOLY SON, JESUS CHRIST to die for our sins

Bringing about reconciliation.


Yet we need YOUR help, LORD

In every step forward we make

We need wisdom, love and strength

For each new step we take.


It is alien to human nature, LORD

To be self-giving

Without demanding

Something in return;

The other cheek turning

Instead of retaliating;

Yet this conduct is what we should be aspiring to

As Christians, GODíS will following.


Let us, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT

Take that vital step

To renew our faith;

To take that one step

To do what HE saith,

Take up the cross and follow HIM.


Increased faith leads to holiness

Be holy as your Father in Heaven is holy

Our Lord admonishes;

Pushing through the darkness, following Christís light

Every Christian has to depend on Godís might,

To glimpse a vision of eternity.


                    Shirley Lau


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