Life without or with GOD
Life without GOD is
A mire of confusion
Between the material
And the spiritual! 
A well of unpredictable discontent,
In a world that is transient and mutable,
Where beauty fades, fortune is fickle,
Cravings futile and life is mortal!
Life without GOD is one which idolises man!
Itís a competitive, self-centred world,
Devoid of understanding or compassion,
For many, a source of unending comparison and frustration!
Life without GOD is one without true elation,
A cauldron of resentment, envy and jealousy,
A pit of hopelessness, despair and utter misery!
But life with God is a celebration
Of all that GOD is---omnipotent, infinite, immortal!
An Almighty and compassionate GOD, who offers
HIS loving kindness and forgiveness without condition,
Solace and comfort in tribulation;
Gifts of wisdom, courage and strength to help one another,
An exhortation to love HIM and our neighbour; 
To learn meekness and humility,
Leading to peace, joy and harmony!