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    Living Presence


We may face the peril of storms

We may be pricked by stray thorns;

But You are an ever-present help, Lord,

Your living presence sustains and fortifies us, in one accord.


You are our faithful guide when days are dreary

When the journey is rough and weary;

Your Spirit leads us to green pastures and solitary mountain stream

You disperse the gloom and bring out the radiant beam.


In times of sickness and duress,

You are the Rock of our strength and fortress;

Under the wings of your Everlasting Love

We take refuge as you protect us from above;

You are the Living Water that our spirit refreshes

The Living Bread that our life nourishes.



You are our strong and safe anchor

Your Living Presence enables us to reach that shore;

Where Love and Joy prevail

And Hope and Peace never fail.

Where angels and saints raise

Their voices in great praise;

Of Almighty Godís Omnipotent Power and Glory

Lord, through your Grace of Salvation

All will reach this final heavenly destination.


                   Shirley Lau  

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