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Lord of the Dance


My GOD, once, found me sad

Look up child, HE said, and be glad

Dance, child, dance

Iím the Lord of the Dance.


Look at the universe in motion;

The sun, moon, stars and earth

Dance in celestial harmony

To the music of the spheres.


See, child, how the billowing waves

Rise and ebb with the tide,

Look at the coconut palms swaying

To the pan-pipe tune of the wind

Whistling through the forest of trees.


Gaze, child on the beauty of each season

Waltz to the lilting songs of Spring

Of birds singing while taking wing

Of vivid blooms sprouting, joining in

The May-Pole weaving and dancing.


Hop and skip child to the beat

Of country-line dance

Tap your toes to the tempo of the drum;

Swing with the crowd on hot summer days

Basking in the sunís rays.


Dance the salsa in autumn with the farmers

Bobbing their heads up and down,

Their scythe swinging,

Reaping, winnowing, gathering

In the golden meadows, singing

Songs of abundance and praise.


Dance, child, dance to the rhythm of

The falling winter rain

Dance to the jingling bells of reindeer

In the winter-wonderland

Of snow-covered hills and plain.


Dance, child, dance when youíre sad

Rejoice in MY wondrous creation

Look up and hear the stupendous music

That fills the air with elation.

Remember ME, the Lord of the Dance.


I flung my arms into the air,

I twirled round and round

Faster and faster I spun,

I felt the world spin with me

The sky, the hill, the tree,

Even the brook and the sea.


All the while, my spirit lifted

A smile lit up my face as my spirit surged

I gazed, heavenward, in praise

Hearing His voice calling so clear

Dance, child, dance forever

IíM the LORD of the DANCE


              Shirley Lau  

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