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    LORD Raise me up!


When I am weary and heavy-ladened

LORD. lift me up,

So I can run carefree like the deer,

And, like an agile mountain goat,

I can climb over perilous, craggy mountain ridges

Overlooking deep canyons and torrential streams!


LORD, lift me up

To walk on stormy seas,

Not looking at the troubled waters,

But upon YOUR Loving, Compassionate Face!

No longer depending on my own frail human strength

But upon YOUR Almighty, invincible strength;

Patiently, waiting to hear YOU say:

My child, all is well! Do not be afraid !

For I, the LORD GOD, is your ever-present help in trouble!

I will never leave you nor forsake you!

I am the SOVEREIGN GOD in charge.

So lean on and trust ME!


O My GOD of all Comfort, please abide in me,


There is no fear when YOU are forever near!

I will not lean upon my own understanding

But upon YOUR magnificent power to prevail

And overcome all difficulties,

And trust that YOU will grant me the PEACE

That surpasses all understanding!


                                      Shirley Lau


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