Love, my child, is not demanding,
Itís not simply getting your way!
It is trying to be understanding,
To love in all circumstances, come what may!
Love is not possessive,
Cramping anotherís style!
It is giving others their freedom
To express their uniqueness with a smile!
Love, my child, is not envious!
It is sharing a common brokenness,
Knowing humanity is imperfect,
Yet, there is much to love and respect!
Remember, my child, to make your yoke light,
Like Jesus, forgive and forget!
Love is kind, patient, enduring;
Remember, child, always to be caring!
Love is not self-vanity,
Pandering to your little ego!
For Jesus, love is humility,
Making sacrifices for the good 
Of our vulnerable, flawed humanity! 
Love is of GOD, GOD is LOVE!
Abundant blessings flow, 
Whatever you receive,
Remember, child, gratefully to give!