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    Loving Trust


Like a child, Lord, can I hold your hand,

Believing You are my forever-friend?

Will You be my guide

Can I walk beside?

Will You show me the true way

So Iíll never stray?

Will You shower me with your constant love

So Iíll feel secure?

In every danger, will you protect me?

In every storm, will you strengthen me?

Like a child, Lord, first and last

In you, I place my loving trust.


Will you teach me, Lord

To praise and obey you as my sovereign God?

In loving trust, can I lean on You as my only crutch?

Believing that You will catch me if I fall

For You alone are my all in all.


Lord, I shall trust that you care

For You have given me a love, precious and rare

In being my redeeming Saviour,

On the cross, my sins to bear.

Lord, will you bless and reassure

When Iím elderly-grown,

Youíll welcome me to your eternal home?


                     Shirley Lau

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