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Miracle of Unconditional Love --- Leslie Lemke


The video has 3 parts, it will inspire you:

Amazing musician, Leslie Lemke, a blind autistic savant and his adopted mother May Lemke. (10 min) (7 min) (8 min)


The movie below shows what enormous courage and unconditional love together with boundless faith and unceasing prayer can do. Leslie felt the unconditional love of his adopted mother and it transformed him. It is a real story and a miracle.

Similarly, when we focus on knowing, accepting and claiming the free gift of God’s everlasting, unconditional love for us, we will be transformed from our “old” self to our “New” self. We will behold all things new.  

If you Google "Leslie Lemke", you will get more details. You may like an update on him in

The Woman Who Willed a Miracle in 5 Parts (10 min) Part 1/5 (8 min) Part 2/5 (8 min) Part 3/5 (10 min) Part 4/5 (8 min) Part 5/5



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