Our Compassionate God 
GOD sent JESUS CHRIST, His SON, on a loving mission,
His purpose was reconciliation! 
LORD JESUS came in obedience and with compassion,
To alleviate our sinful condition!
HE suffered humiliation and condemnation,
To ensure our salvation and resurrection!
Mercy seasons justice for our human plight!
Compassion is God’s preferred Expression;
It becomes a king better than his crown!
Compassion should also be our choice expression!
Christ emptied HIMSELF to come down from heaven
It is servant-hood HE calls us to follow;
To obey God’s commands to serve our fellow-men,
With loving compassion and not to wallow
In sinful pride, in hedonism or Mammon! 
In compassion, Christ came to save man
To teach us discern our human weaknesses,
And give us strength to overcome them! 
To show, by example, God’s “narrow path” to eternal bliss!
HE displays God’s Holiness and Righteousness;
We are encouraged to have a compassionate heart,
And love God and neighbour by doing our part!