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Our Faithful GOD


Depend not on our little faith,

But on the ever-lasting faith of our faithful GOD;

Depend not on our frail strength,

But on the invincible strength of our Almighty GOD!

Although we are not exempt from tribulation

We know that our powerful GOD can overcome it!


Remember CHRIST has promised never to abandon us,

Trust in HIS ability to fulfill  each of HIS promises;

In times of trial, do not  focus on the fearful circumstances,

But on our loving, compassionate triune GOD

Believing HE can alleviate our distress;

And, if necessary, rescue us from danger!

 If we have the faith of a mustard seed,

 Look deep into our soul,

 And find that our GOD is real!


Why, O Christian, do we frantically look everywhere

When help can only come from the great SOMEONE waiting,

CHRIST stands at the door of our heart, knocking;

Unlatch our  door in faith, welcome HIM in,

Precious JESUS has every thing we need;

Let CHRIST'S blessings overflow in our lives

Let HIS faithfulness give us the blessed assurance

That all is well under GOD's loving care!


                                                         Shirley Lau


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