Our LORD asks: Do you really love ME?
How much time do you spend with ME
Worshipping, meditating, loving, listening;
And heeding MY commandments to love GOD with all your heart,
And love your neighbour as yourself? 
Or, do you love mainly yourself first, last and always!
Do you come to ME
Only when you have a plea?
How can you love ME
When you reject MY WAY
And do things your way! 
How can you say you love ME,
When MY WORD is not alive in your soul?
You have to choose between Mammon and ME!
Mammon can provide your worldly material needs,
But your soul is completely lost in the bog and mire
Of sinful pride and worldly desire 
With all its consequences!
Choose wisely the narrow gate, not the broad path to perdition!
Has provided through CHRIST to be our Salvation;
No one with a hardened, selfish heart can really love!
Then, how far is he from loving GOD?
How difficult it must be for him to reach for the grace of forgiveness!
What is hell but lovelessness, 
And eternal separation from GOD!
His justice and compassion meet in Christís Crucifixion,
HIS atonement for our sins;
The HOLY CROSS is the grace of loving-kindness,
Freely given to us, undeserving souls,
To enable us to have spiritual access to God and eternal life!
Do you really love ME? asks our LORD GOD,
You can deceive yourself and others
But you cannot deceive ME!
Will you be ready to account for your motives and actions to ME? 
Letís hope each of us can sincerely say: ďI truly love you, LORD,Ē
Have mercy on me!