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          Parenting Teenagers

          by Pastor Jeffery S. Smith


1.  To get the MP3 Sermons, go to

          2.  Click Sermons by Topic on the left side

            3.  Type "Parenting Teenagers" on the Search Sermons and click Search!



Part 1- Common Assumptions and Peculiar Challenges

Part 2- Parental Hindrances

Part 3- Biblical Goals

Part 4- Cultivating Moral Courage

Part 5- Biblical Wisdom

Part 6- Work Ethic

Part 7- Responsible Productivity, Part 2

Part 8- Responsible Productivity Part 3

Part 9- Self Denial

Part 10- Churchmanship

Part 11- Churchmanship 2

Part 12- Cultivating Churchmanship Part 3


Click the topic you want and click on “Play!” button to listen. You can download the MP3 Audio Sermons into your computer with and listen or burn them into CD or place them into your MP3 Player for easier listening later.


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