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You can download the MP3 Audio Sermons of Pastor Ed Miller in his website into your computer and listen or burn them into CD for later easier listening by clicking on the download links below.


   (Life of Peter 01) Introduction    (download)

   (Life of Peter 02) Walking on Water    (download)

   (Life of Peter 03) Caesera Philippi    (download)

   (Life of Peter 04) Peter's Denial    (download)

   (Life of Peter 05) Repentance    (download)

   (Life of Peter 06) Restoration    (download)

   (Life of Peter 07) Acts: New Bible Sense of Indwelling    (download)

   (Life of Peter 08) Acts: Shadow and Rest    (download)

   (Life of Peter 09) Transition: Jew and Gentile    (download)

   (Life of Peter 10) Transition: Law and Grace    (download)

   (Life of Peter 11) Full Manifestation of Jesus    (download)

   (Life of Peter 12) Conclusion: Transfiguration    (download)


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