Praise the Lord 
Praise the Lord, our God
In the land of the living,
He, alone, has an understanding
Of the end from the beginning!
HE is the good Shepherd,
Leading and guarding His herd;
Providing our feed,
And the Living water we need!
As HE guides us along the narrow road,
Overcoming limitations 
And temptations,
In our journey towards our heavenly abode!
Praise the Lord, our God,
Who builds His temple in our heart!
His Holy Spirit teaches us His truth
And prays for us, bringing us healing,
With greater faith and understanding!
Praise the Lord, our God,
For He alone, our worship deserving!
His unconditional love, ever uplifting,
His wisdom and strength always supporting,
All who humbly seek HIM!
All who heed His command to love God and neighbour,
All who love and trust HIM!
Praise and thank the LORD for HIS kindness,
Let HIS light shine through us,
And reflect it in our attitude towards others!
Let His love be manifested in us,
So we can become an instrument of HIS love to others!