Rejoice in the LORD always
Rejoice in the LORD and feel your spirit lift,
Sadness will give way to joy!
Weakness will be replaced by strength,
Pride will be replaced by humility;
Lust will be replaced by affection,
Failure will give way to victory!
Everything negative must surrender to positive!
Rejoice in the LORD and see your relationships abound,
Instead of envy, there is generosity,
Instead of hate, there is forgiveness;
Instead of criticism, there is encouragement,
Instead of rivalry, there is co-operation!
We can truly rejoice in emulating our LORDís
Loving and compassionate character!
HIS faithfulness will inspire us to greater loyalty,
His righteous sovereignty will lead to trust;
His deep understanding and compassion will touch our heart, 
That our ALMIGHTY GOD and SAVIOUR chooses to love
An imperfect mankind with such eternal devotion!
Making our heart skip with joy at the very thought
Of the marvellous wonder of receiving HIS LOVE!