Reverence for THE LORD 
Have we taken GOD for granted?
Have we forgotten HIS awesome stature,
HIS authority and power unlimited?
Have we forgotten HIS omnipotence,
HIS omniscience and omnipresence?
Has Jesus become a name too familiar?
Have we forgotten His awesome role as REDEEMER?
Have we become deaf to the promptings of THE HOLY SPIRIT?
We need to properly revere THE HOLY TRINITY!
The fear of THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom!
HE alone has the power of eternal salvation,
No condemnation when there is faith in HIS redemption!
Life is but a brief interlude before we face GOD,
The Messiah awaits but are we fully ready?
Do not forget to praise the righteous LORD,
Be grateful for HIS loving kindness 
And HIS forgiveness;
Take HIS WORD to our heart
Follow it, for it is life!
Then, HIS peace, that surpasses understanding, 
To us, HE will be sending!