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     The Rock of Love


Letís build our life on the rock of love

The tempest cannot crush it,

For it is solidly built on the strongest foundation;

Based on the Word of God,

It draws on power of our Lord

To overcome any circumstance;

Love that is of GOD, never fails.


God is LOVE, love is of GOD

To build our life on this ROCK,

Is to draw upon the riches of glory in our LORD;

To build a life of love, peace, courage, forgiveness, joy

The fruits of the Holy Spirit,

The blessings of Almighty GOD.


We are more than conquerors

Through HIM, Who loves us, 

Our Lord, Who lays down His life for us on the Cross;

Our strength is founded on this solid Rock of Love

The Rock of our eternal salvation through faith.


                    Shirley Lau

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