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 Freely, GOD gives us HIS GRACE Of SALVATION

 Through Christís REDEMPTION;

 Completely, JESUS gives us HIS love.

 Willingly, in obedience to HIS Fatherís will,

 JESUS was crucified for our sins;

 Salvation is never on our own merit, so we cannot boast;

 Lovingly, CHRIST imparts to us HIS Righteousness

 So, through Him, we become GODís adopted children.



 We are the branches;

 HIS HOLY SPIRIT indwelling us

 Enables us to bear fruit,

 Of love for the triune GOD

 And works of loving compassion for others.


 As Almighty GOD forgives us our sins

 So we should forgive all who sin against us;

 The power of the HOLY SPIRIT

 Works in our inner soul, a gradual transformation,

 To CHRIST-like qualities of Humility, Compassion

 Love, Joy and Peace.


Do not blaspheme against THE HOLY SPIRIT

THE GOD within our souls,

Teaching us TRUTH, from GODís perspective;

Do not defile the body, HIS church

For it is a sad day for Christians

When THE HOLY SPIRIT departs,

When our HOLY Counsellor is gone,

And we face the wrath of Almighty God alone!


O CHRISTIAN, build your house on rock

The mighty ROCK of CHRIST;

The foundation will not shake in any crisis,

For our Almighty triune GOD

Is the Sovereign LORD in charge;

And HE will work all things for the good

Of those who love and worship HIM.


Remember HIS covenantal promises

HE has kept HIS promises to ABRAHAM;

HE will keep HIS promises

To comfort, uplift, uphold in all trials

For the LORD, our GOD never changes.

HE is the Same, past, present, future

HE is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent

Have faith, our triune Almighty GOD never fails.


                           Shirley Lau


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