Sanctify us O LORD 
From the cess-pool of madness and iniquity
In the human heart,
Sanctify Mankind, O Lord!
Pride, Hate, Selfishness,
Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Lust, 
Wrath, Hypocrisy, Vindictiveness;
Putrid, foul, despicable mess,
O LORD, in thy Mercy, cleanse!
Lord, consume Manís inordinate sins
With YOUR HOLY fire!
O LORD, cover all with the SACRED BLOOD of the LAMB!
Reveal the JOY of Sanctification!
Put all right by the SAVIOURís Justification,
Enable all to rejoice in YOUR WONDROUS SALVATION!
O GREAT and COMPASSIONATE GOD, wisely endeavouring
To save MAN from the pitfalls, 
That would plunge them into the horrendous abyss,
Of their own making!
Do we all realise the TRUTH about the HOLY CROSS?
The immense LOVE that paid the price for sins!
Our HOLY SAVIOUR making possible
Reconciliation with Almighty GOD,
And an eternity Man cannot attain by his own effort!
LORD, by YOUR GRACE, make this change in Man, turning
Pride into Humility,
Hate into Loving Compassion,
Wrath into forgiveness,
Intemperance into Self Discipline;
Rebellion into Obedience,
Greed into Generosity,
Jealousy into Trust,
Envy into Self-motivation,
Selfishness into Self-giving,
Hypocrisy into Honesty!
Take all Manís imperfections, O LORD
Mould all into YOUR image! 
Making all perfect, 
Like the Heavenly Father is PERFECT!
Let Mankind be ready when CHRIST comes,
On the Day of Judgement, for heaven;
Ready for life with God eterne!