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Seeking Your Loving Presence, Lord


1. Lord, through this gathering,

   You lead us to an understanding

   Of your all-embracing love,

   Your awesome power, your compassion,

   Your loving way to salvation.



Lord, your loving presence

Helps us discover

The meaning of walking closer;

Lord, your Holy Word,

Fills us with joy forever.



2. Through your Light which guides

   Through your Compassion which abides,

   O Lord, we begin to be aware

   Of all your blessings and care.


3. We celebrate your loving presence to-day,

  Give us strength to keep sinfulness at bay;

  Lord, we thank you for calling us your own,

  You’re always with us, we need never walk alone.


4. Deepen our faith, our spiritual communion,

  Your loving presence be our strength and shield;

  To you alone may our spirit yield

  Guide us safely on to our eternal re-union.


Shirley Lau

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