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      Sheep vs Man


The sheep know their Shepherdís voice

They follow him obediently,

They know when they call for help

Their masterís ear is attuned to their distress,

And he will come running;

The sheep are certain their  Shepherd will bring

Healing balm, bandages and will carry them

All the way homel

His staff will be used to protect his sheep from ravenous wolves!

The sheep are certain of their Masterís love!

The Shepherd certainly knows he will

Lay his life down for  his sheep!


Man rebels against his SHEPHERD

Egotistical and disobedient, he asserts himself;

Preoccupied with SELF and his own needs and desires

Man does not naturally  consider another;

He has to be taught to care for others!


Man, unlike the sheep is arrogant,

He forgets that every talent he has is GODís gift

That he owes his life and well-being to Almighty GOD!

And every thing that sustains life is GOD given

He forgets that he is mere dust!


Humble, obedient, gentle, the sheep

Seem to be more like their humble, gentle, compassionate Shepherd;

Man has still a lot to learn to be like their humble, gentle, compassionate SHEPHERD!

The sheep know HOME is where their  SHEPHERD resides

Does Man know who is his  SHEPHERD

And where HIS SHEPHERD resides?

Does he know where is his Eternal Home?

CHRIST said: Ď Seek ME and you will find ME!í


Man has a lot to learn from sheep

He can learn to depend more on his Shepherd;

When he obeys and follows HIS guidance,

When he trusts his SHEPHERD ,

Then he will, like the sheep find himself

In loving, caring hands;

He will find deliverance and help;

He will find  peace and joy

That surpasses understanding, because

Nothing is impossible with


And in our powerlessness , FAITH

Draws on the strength and power

Of Almighty GOD for succour!


                                 Shirley Lau


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