Sheep verses Man
The sheep know their Shepherd’s voice,
They follow him obediently;
They know when they call for help,
Their master’s ear is attuned to their distress,
And he will come running!
The sheep are certain their Shepherd will bring
Healing balm, bandages and will carry them
All the way home!
His staff will be used to protect them  from ravenous wolves,
The sheep are certain of their Master’s love!
The Loving Shepherd unfailingly will
Lay his life down for his sheep! 
Man rebels against his SHEPHERD,
Pride makes him willful and stubborn, 
Preoccupied with SELF and his own needs and desires,
He does not obey his shepherd willingly.
Man, unlike the sheep is arrogant,
He forgets that every talent he has is GOD’s gift,
That he owes his life and well-being to Almighty GOD!
And every thing that sustains life is GOD-given,
He forgets that he is mere dust!
Humble, obedient, gentle, the sheep
Seem to be more like their humble, gentle, compassionate Shepherd;
Man has still a lot to learn to be like their humble, gentle, compassionate Godly SHEPHERD!
The sheep know HOME is where their SHEPHERD resides
Does Man know who is his SHEPHERD
And where HIS SHEPHERD resides?
Does he know where is HIS Eternal Home?
CHRIST said: ‘Seek ME and you will find ME!’
Let us all become the Lord’s obedient    sheep!
For our souls are restless
Until we find our rest in our Lord!
How hard it is for us to surrender and trust in our God, completely.
Man has a lot to learn from sheep
He can learn to depend more on his Shepherd;
When he obeys and follows HIS guidance,
And he trust his SHEPHERD,
Then he will, like the sheep find himself 
In loving, caring hands!
He will find deliverance and comfort!
He will find peace and joy
That surpasses understanding, because
Nothing is impossible with
And in our weakness, FAITH
Draws on the strength and power 
Of Almighty GOD for succour!