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 Sing praises to the Holy Spirit


     Sing praises to the Holy Spirit

     That hovered over the dark void of space,

     Setting a billion stars and planets whirling in race;

     Omnipotent Creator of the universe  

     Holy Spirit of Almighty God

     Bringing to birth

     All that inhabits sky, sea and earth.   


     Sing praises to the     Holy Spirit of God

    `Breathing His Spirit into clay, to form man

     Endowing him with free will

     To choose between good and evil.

     Sing praises to the Holy Spirit of Jesus

     His Redemptive sacrifice

     Is all that suffice

     To atone for our sins

     And gain eternal salvation.


    Sing praises to the Person of The Holy Spirit,

    Embodied in the triune Godhead,

    Proceeding from the Holy Father and Son

    Leading to the truth, testifying to

    Jesus Christ as the only Son of God

    The Way, the Truth, the Life

    Our way to salvation and reconciliation

    Our promise of eternal life.

Glory to the Holy spirit forever.


                   Shirley Lau  


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