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Sing under the shadow of HIS WINGS


In the world there is tribulation

Do not be afraid, says THE LORD;

Look to MY CROSS for salvation

I have overcome the world.

The CROSS at Calvary is our liberation

The meeting-place of ALMIGHTY GODs Justice

And DIVINE compassion;

HE has paid the price of our sin and damnation.

HIS innocent, holy BLOOD cleanses all who believe

As LORD and REDEEMER, HE has overcome the world.


Be joyful then, like the innocent dove

Sing, Sing under the shadow of HIS WINGS;

Sing of GODS abundant love

Praise the LORD with thanksgivings.

HEs our strength and refuge, a towering fortress,

Our MIGHTY SHIELD, angels and saints do HIS bidding;

In Almighty GOD, our soul finds its rest alone,

There is the peace that surpasses all understanding.


                                  Shirley Lau


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