Stand Firm in the LORD
When the storm waves rise high
And make you sigh,
When salt-sprays blind your eye,
When the thunder sounds deafening
And you feel like panicking,
Turn your eyes upon JESUS!
Let HIM be your loving consolation,
Let Him calm the storm in your life!
When the soulís Enemy threatens,
When Satan roars like a prowling lion,
His intimidation do not fear!
Call on the LORD, HE is forever near!
In your weakness, remember,
HIS strength is made perfect!
Let your focus be therefore upon the LORD!
We become more than conquerors in HIS NAME!
Look up at the wondrous CROSS,
Experience the triumphant power of the RESURRECTED LORD!
Crushing Satanís head and powers of evil!
Delivering us from sin and death! 
O Christian, you have an omnipotent CREATOR GOD
To protect and shield you in every circumstance!
Why are you downcast? 
Call, in faith, on
Christís covenantal promise never to forsake you!
CHRIST will be true to His WORD!
When the testing comes, stand firm in the LORD,
CHRIST has proved faithful to us in HIS self-sacrificing love,
Does HE not deserve our loving trust and loyalty!