Testimony on Suzanne Chin


Below is a testimony of God's grace and goodness in my sister Suzanne's life. Letter from Dr Alan Chin. Feel free to forward this to all your friends
Dr Alan Chin



On the morning of Monday, 20 of April 2009, I received a call from my brother–in-law John that my sister Suzanne had suffered a cardiac arrest and was warded in ICU in hospital in Hong Kong. This came at the worst time possible as I was going through a time of tribulation and crisis in my own life. My wife Josie had just been appointed as the President of AWARE and when she most needed my support, I had to be away! (Remember the A.W.A.R.E. saga?)

My mother and I flew up that very afternoon to Hong Kong. We arrived that night and headed straight to Canossa Hospital where Suzanne was warded. We met John and my brother David who had flown in earlier. John recounted what had happened that morning.

As per her usual morning routine, after sending her kids to school, she went for her morning jog with her dog. However, after around ten minutes, she decided to turn back as she was feeling tired. She had a bath and went to bed. As John noticed that she looked unwell and was slow in her speech, he called for the ambulance. Within 10-15 minutes she was on her way to hospital, still conscious.

Unfortunately on arrival at 8:38am, she lapsed into unconsciousness with an unrecordable blood pressure. The doctors commenced resuscitation which lasted about 2 hours. ECG on admission showed narrow complex bradycardia. Intra venous adrenaline was administered and she developed a ventricular tachycardia. She was defibrillated which resulted in sinus rhythm. She was intubated and started on IV dopamine and adrenaline. 

She was transferred to ICU after she had been stabilized. 

MRI of Brain showed: 
- Tiny T2W dark signal in Right cerebelllar hemisphere, likely a nonspecific focus due to a tiny calcification or tiny focus of old No other intracranial abnormality. 
- Trace fluid signal in posterior wall oof NP. 
- ECG immediate post resuscitation on 200.4.2009 – SR, ST depression in praecordial leads 

CXR report: 
- Interstitial lung markings, right lungg pleural fluid, slightly more confluent shadowing RUZ, but may have some pneumonic changes. 

In ICU, she developed diabetes insipidus – marked urine output (serum osmolarity 325 urine osmolarity 129) responded to DDAVP. 

When I saw Suzanne in ICU, she did not look good. She was on a ventilator; her pupils were 4mm fixed and dilated. Her limbs were flaccid. The respiratory physician advised that the prognosis was very poor with evidence of brain stem death and pituitary gland failure. The room temperature in ICU was kept low to slow down the metabolic processes. 

I spent the night in hospital praying and interceding. I proclaimed Psalm118:17 over Suzanne that she shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord. 

An echocardiogram done the next morning on Tue, 21 April 2009 by the cardiologist, Dr. David Ho showed: 

- Moderate Aortic Regurgitation with gloobal left ventricular dysfunction and moderate to severe global hypokinesia. 
- Cardiac valves showed no abnormal thicckening. 
- Tri-leaflet aortic valve 
- LVES 4.89cm LVED 5.35cm 
- EF 19% by M mode 
- LA 2.72cm

Dr Ho suggested a diagnosis of acute aortic valve prolapse leading to cardiac arrest.

That afternoon, her condition remained unchanged. The temperature in the ICU was now turned up in a not-too-subtle hint that the doctors had given up. 

The respiratory physician again advised that there was no improvement and confirmed that Suzanne had brain stem death (BSD). It is a term equated with death to describe a person on life-support system when faced with a decision whether or not to switch off the ventilator or to harvest organs for organ transplant. She advised John to consider switching off the ventilator as Suzanne was now dead and there was no hope of recovery. She added in medical history there were no cases of anybody recovering from BSD.

I contacted my friends in Singapore to pray for Suzanne. 

We requested for a second opinion from a neurologist who examined her that afternoon. Her pupils were fixed and dilated. Vestibulo-ocular reflex was negative. She had a negative gag and cough reflex. There was no pain reflex in response to deep pressure over sternum, fingers, and eyebrow. She was flaccid, a-reflexic and there was no plantar response. His diagnosis was also that of brain stem death. 

That evening, Suzanne looked dead. She was cold and clammy; facial discoloration had set in, especially under her eyes. There was also a smell of death over her. That evening, her children, Kim and Ian saw her for the first time after her collapse. The whole family was distraught. Everyone was grieving for Suzanne.

Later that night, I called Josie to update her on Suzanne’s condition. She spoke to John and prayed with him. She received the word "resurrection" and told John that God is our Healer and that He would resurrect all her brain cells.

Even as I prayed that night, I asked Father God where was Suzanne ? He answered that she was with Him. I then asked whether she would be coming back. He said yes! I asked when but there was no answer. I then asked for a sign by Wednesday as I had scheduled to return to Singapore that afternoon. Comforted I went to sleep early that night.

Things started to turn around on Wednesday. Early that morning, the nurses noticed slight movement as they were sucking phlegm from her intubation tube. John excitedly called from hospital that early morning saying Suzanne had opened her eyes for the briefest moment several times! 

We hurried down to the hospital. As we called her name there was response with twitching of her lips and movement of her eyebrows. She opened her eyes several times! We were all greatly encouraged.

Suzanne was then reassessed by the neurologist. When he called her name, there was no response. When he asked her to move her arm, again there was no response. However, when I called out her name, she opened her eyes. She also moved her fingers when I asked her to move her hand. Her pupils were still fixed and dilated with a negative doll’s eye reflex. There was grimacing of her face in response to deep pressure for pain over her fingers and sternum. 

Strangely the neurologist still advised John that these signs were just autonomic responses. She also warned John not to raise false hopes of recovery as Suzanne had BSD!

At around noon, the respiratory physician noted there were further signs of recovery. Suzanne had started triggering the ventilator to breathe, about 5-10% of the breaths. By the time I left the hospital for the airport at about 1:30pm, she was initiating 100% of her breathing. 

By that evening, there was movement of all her four limbs; with increasing episodes of eye movements. Her pupils were no longer fixed and dilated and she had regained her pupillary reflexes.

However she developed a fever. Her total white blood count was 34,500. Chest X-Ray showed lobar pneumonia, with bilateral infiltrates indicative of adult respiratory distress syndrome. Remarkably all these settled down within 24 hours. 

On Thursday 23 April, while being reassessed by her neurologist, John asked Suzanne to nod her head if she understood him. She did so. He then asked her to nod her head twice as the doctor was skeptical. Again she did so. 

By Friday 24 April, Suzanne was fully conscious and able to recognize all who visited her. 

Echo of heart: Ejection Fraction had improved from 19% to 43%. (Her EF was back to normal by Monday 27 April).

Suzanne was ex-tubated on Saturday, 25 April. She was able to talk shortly after that. Neurological examination revealed full and total recovery with no neurological deficits. 

I spoke to her that afternoon over the phone just before I testified in church of God’s power and amazing grace in bringing her back from the dead. 

On Sunday 26 April morning, Suzanne was up and about and was able to shower herself. She even asked John to bring her facial wash and moisturizer.

She was discharged the following Tuesday.

As I shared her amazing testimony in Church Of Our Savior again, on Sunday 26 April morning, a reporter from ‘The Newpaper’ was also present. Intending to hear Pastor Derek's sermon, she had no choice but to sit through my sharing of this miracle. It was then reported on Monday 27 April The Newpaper’s Front page!

Up till today doctors are not able to ascertain what happened to Suzanne as all the tests have been negative. She is fully recovered and coming back to Singapore permanently this end June 2009 after spending 15 years in Hong Kong.

Suzanne remembers that while she was in coma, she dreamt that she was pinned down on the floor of an apartment she had earlier visited in Pandan Valley Singapore. She tried to get up but someone (she described it as an evil presence) prevented her from doing so.

She has been touched and changed by her experience and walking closer to God.

I hope that Suzanne’s miraculous resurrection will be a source of comfort, strength and encouragement of the reality of God’s amazing grace, mercy and goodness. 

Revelation 19:10b states: For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. 

Let him or her who needs a miracle from God, claim one.

Dr Alan Chin

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1. Anonymous March 25, 2013 at 3:30 PM

My husband was miraculously healed of brain encephalitis (inflammation of the brain membrance) and awakened from 4-days coma on his 34th birthday on 26 July 1997

Today, we have been married for 17 years and have been blessed with 3 children ages 15,13 and 11.

To God be all glory, honor and praise!

Below is my you tube upload of our 10th wedding anniversary...


I can be reached at cathrynsim@yahoo.com.sg

Cathryn Sim
Aka Princess Cathie


2. Anonymous March 27, 2013 at 9:58 AM

Dear Dr Chin,

This is indeed His works of miracles that medical science can and never will comprehend.

However, I would like to ask you about your encounter with God when you said "...I asked Father God where was Suzanne ? He answered that she was with Him. I then asked whether she would be coming back. He said yes!..."

As I am also in 'search' of His voice, I would like to know how did He speak to you? How did He sound like? How did you know that it was Him who spoke to you?

God bless.


3. Anonymous March 27, 2013 at 4:13 PM

Dear Dr. Chin,

Thank you for sharing this testimony. Yes our Father God is amazing, there is nothing He cannot do! Be glory to His name.



4. Organ Facts April 14, 2013 at 1:37 PM

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“Brain death is not true death,” he continued. “Organ transplant is the reason you have to have brain death.”

There are numerous medical cases of real people who revived AFTER being declared "brain dead". Do you think any of the following "brain death" survivors should be butchered for their vital organs just because you "dont think" their life can be classed as life?

Gloria Cruz case: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/brain-dead-woman-recovers-after-husband-refuses-to-withdraw-life-support/

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Sam Schmid case: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/arizona-accident-victim-emerges-coma-poised-donate-organs/story?id=15208351

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