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    Thank You Lord


Thank you Lord for everything

Without YOU, there is nothing;

Thank you for the beautiful world we see

The sun, moon ,stars, birds and animals for free.

Thank you for the air we breathe and shade from tree,

The lofty mountains and fruitful valleys

That provide the food we need.


Thank you, Lord, for creating us in your image

For endowing us with intelligence, imagination, creativity;

Thank you Lord, for a heart that can feel and give love,

Help us never to lose such a wonderful sensitivity;

Thank you for a soul and spirit that can reach heaven.

Without you Lord, we are nothing and have nothing.


Thank you, LORD, for your constant loving care

For giving us families, relatives, friends to share

In joy and tribulation;

Thank you, Lord, for securing our future of eternal salvation,

For reminding us that life on earth is just a preparation,

For the much greater bliss in your Heavenly Fatherís mansion.


Thank you Lord, for instructing us this:

YOU are the Truth, the Way, the Life

To eternal bliss;

Thank you, Lord, for accompanying us on our journey,

For understanding our human frailties,

And still continue loving us unconditionally.

Thank you, Lord, for sharing our pain

And encouraging us with hope;

Above all, for teaching us that forgiveness

Frees us to love and to live in happiness.


Shirley Lau

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