The Christian Life 
Does the Christian see himself as a temple of CHRIST?
Like the original skin-covered tabernacle,
Our indwelling GOD chooses to reside
In our heart, covered by our bodily skin!
Makes us HIS abode!
O Christian, give HIM honour, glory, power
And praise forever,
For this privilege, let us be circumspect
About the way we lead our lives;
Ask HIM for wisdom and guidance,
Ask HIM for forgiveness for times of straying;
Trust that HE who began a good work in us,
Will see it completed,
According to HIS HOLY WILL!
Christ prayed to HIS FATHER:
May they be in US, just as You are in Me and I am in You!
Moreover, HE is the LIGHT of the world,
And those who obey HIS teaching
Will not walk in darkness!
He exhorts us not to strive for worldly goods,
But spiritual fruit that endures!
And to love GOD with all our heart and love one another!