The heavens tell of your glory, GOD ALMIGHTY!
O great Creator, our Heavenly Father,
O Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, our great Redeemer, 
O Holy Spirit, great Comforter and Guide who
In both The Father and the Son, doth abide;
Give praise to THE HOLY TRINITY!
At the beginning, there was immense darkness,
Almighty God spoke to that vast void,
And there was light! 
By the power of HIS Holy Word and might.
Out of nothingness, a fine-tuned universe was created!
Out of dust, man was sculpted and moulded,
With intelligence, imagination and soul
In the image of God, showing his closeness
To Godís heart and his preciousness!
Sin wrought a barrier between God and man,
God loved us so much that He sent HIS only Beloved SON
Our Lord Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins
Jesus became our Redeemer,
Reconciling us with HIS Heavenly Father.
Holy Spirit, our inner guide to all truth
Our Comforter in trial and sorrow;
Healing our wounds, praying for our needs;
Strengthening us with love, forgiveness
And courage to face to-morrow. 
Almighty GOD, our Heavenly Father,
HOLY SPIRIT--our Comforter and Counsellor,
Three divine persons of The Holy Trinity
ONE LOVING GOD, one Almighty Unity!