The Kingdom of GOD is LOVE 
The Lord declared: I have loved you first,
So you will always thirst
For my Living Water;
The everlasting fountain of Love
The kingdom of GOD is Love!
You cannot give what you donít possess,
I have never stopped anyone from gaining access,
To My source of unconditional love,
The kingdom of GOD is Love!
I have given you love abundantly
Deny ME, doubt ME, I still love you!
Like the Prodigal Sonís father, I await your return,
Thatís when you learn, 
The kingdom of GOD is LOVE!
Donít be afraid, there is un-ending forgiveness,
You donít have to live with your sinfulness!
You just have to believe in MY Redemption.
Faith, not good works alone, leads to Salvation! 
Perfect Love casts out fear, 
Wipe away your tear;
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
The kingdom of GOD is love!
I lay my life down for you,
Is there anything else I wonít do?
Love makes you spiritually strong,
When you repent your wrongdoing; 
Consider yourself a beloved child of God, 
For the kingdom of GOD is LOVE!