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      The Rock


   When storms buffet, hide in the ROCK

   JESUS CHRIST is our most secure refuge,

   When storms are huge;

   HE has calmed the sea with HIS WORD,

   As Master CREATOR and Sovereign LORD;

   When we feel a weakening,

   Go to the LORD for strengthening.


   Remember, GOD loves us unconditionally

   JESUS, HIS beloved SON seeks unity

   For man in HIM, and HE in HIS HEAVENLY FATHER.


   For sinful man, JESUS CHRIST is our mediator,

   The pure, blessed, righteous LAMB of GOD

   Is our only SALVATION.


   JESUS CHRIST is our fortress,

   Nothing can separate us from HIS caring tenderness;

   HE keeps us under the shadow of HIS wings,

   HE holds us cupped in the palms of HIS hand,

   JESUS, the ROCK, is impregnable in sea or land;

   HE is true to HIS PROMISES of loving kindness,

   To all who repent, HIS generous forgiveness;

   Those who build upon THIS ROCK,

   Their faith in HIM will help them to withstand

   All the pressure of lashing wave,

   HIS angels and saints will carry them high above,

   For HIS WORD is their command.


   Do not depend upon your own frail strength

   When in faith you can hold on to the ROCK;

   Do not sink when Almighty GOD can keep you afloat safely,

   Even death cannot keep JESUS away;

   HE will hold you in HIS loving arms perpetually,

   JESUS CHRIST will keep HIS WORD eternally,

   Go on, trust and lean on HIM in every way.


                                     Shirley Lau


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