The Rock 
Christ is the foundation Rock of the Christianity,
Our Sovereign Lord is our Refuge and Defence;
In time of crisis, hide safely in HIM,
HE can calm the storms of life;
Christ is our Salvation and Light,
What can mere man do to us?
His strength is perfected in our weakness, 
And we become more than conquerors
Through Christ who strengthens us!
Christ has promised to be with us
Right through to the end of the ages.
Only our Omnipotent Everlasting Lord
Can make such a promise!
HE is the Same Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!
He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!
Therefore, if Christ is for us, who can be against us?
When we have Christ, we have everything! 
Do not depend upon your own frail strength
When in faith, you can hold on to the ROCK;
You do not sink when Almighty GOD can keep you afloat safely, 
Even death cannot keep JESUS away!
HE will hold you in HIS loving arms perpetually,
JESUS CHRIST will keep HIS WORD eternally, 
Go on, trust and lean on HIM in every way.